white plywood kitchen

Hawley Cabin

Hawley, MA

There are some spaces that immediately make you feel calm. Maybe it was the lack of cell phone service, or the babbling brook steps from the front door, or the 100s of acres of beautiful woodland out the window, but as soon as we visited this little timber-frame cabin we could feel what a special space it was. It was clear that the cabin needed a light touch, there was plenty of drama and beauty to be found outside, so we decided to make the kitchen, bathroom and built-ins as minimal as possible. We settled on a palette of white-washed plywood and polished black concrete countertops. While the color palette is restrained, the subtle grain of the wood and patina of the polished concrete gave these austere materials the right amount of hand-made warmth.

“I would characterize the kitchen Boxco designed, built and installed for us as inspiredly plain: the overall effect is one of simplicity and inevitability. It has none of the coldness I associate with "modern design," but rather a quiet beauty that's very easy to live with. Everything we asked for (and some things we didn't know we needed, like the olive oil and bottles drawer) got incorporated into a very limited space in a way that made sense. Cooking in it is easy and intuitive; everything is where it should be. The owners are personable and easy to work with; the cost is reasonable for what you get; and the results are stunning. I can't recommend Boxco more highly."