Our Team

Boxco Studio is made up of designers, makers, and problem solvers who believe that intelligent design and thoughtful fabrication can result in a more beautiful and better functioning world. We want to help you create a space to make all your best memories - and meals - in. 


We cherish helping our clients create unique spaces that make them feel happy, nourished, and inspired in their homes. We also want that same level of joy, inspiration and nourishment in our own lives, so we designed our business to uphold that quality of life. We are value-driven, not just profit-driven and are actively looking for solutions to make our work more efficient and less wasteful. We believe real change starts at home, and hopefully by working towards a better life for ourselves and our clients, it will result in positive change in our greater community and environment. 

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Gallagher (she/her)

Owner, Designer & Project Manager

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David (he/him)

Owner, Digital Fabricator & Shop Manager

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Bel (she/they)

Designer & Marketing Manager

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Kat (she/they)

Administration Assistant



Cabinet Maker

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Morgan (they/them)

Cabinet Maker

early photo of the Greenfield Paper Box Company

The Boxco Shop

Boxco Studio is  proud to call Greenfield - and the greater Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts - our home, and proud to be part of a tradition of New England kitchen cabinets. Our shop is in an early 1900’s light manufacturing building. The original space - a long barn - was built in order to start a business making custom paper boxes on coal-powered, belt-driven machines. This building was home to the Greenfield Paper Box Co. for over a century. Our name, Boxco Studio, is a nod to the legacy of our building, but is also pretty apt since we build a lot of plywood boxes!