Clear-coated plywood kitchen in Trumansburg, NY

Trumansburg Kitchen

Trumansburg, NY

Zac and Jasmine had been living in their house for 10 years, and had spent a lot of that time lovingly renovating it from top to bottom. The last big project they were looking to tackle was the kitchen. Zac, a landscape architect and serious handyman, knew exactly what he wanted and sent us drawings of his ideal layout. After some back and forth we settled on the final design, and built the cabinets without ever visiting the site. Their old kitchen was dark, cramped and dominated by a red and green color combination. They wanted the new space to feel light and bright, so we settled on a palette of white concrete countertops and clear-coated plywood cabinets. With the addition of a couple new, larger windows, pink walls, and light gray stone tile (with radiant floor heating) the space was transformed into a warm, light lovely haven.

"If you are looking for high quality material, attention to detail, but also a fun and innovative design for your next project, look no further. The Boxco Studio team was a dream to work with in the design, build, and installation of our kitchen...our kitchen is comfortable and user friendly, and also beautiful. These folks have both the eye and ability to create your dream space, and are a joy to chat with about both how you want your space to look, but also how you want it to make you feel."