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Boxco is a small design and fabrication company specializing in custom cabinetry, kitchen design, and furniture. We are dedicated to creating functional modern spaces that are simple, refined, and inviting.

Our Approach

We are as excited about the function and performance of our products and spaces as we are in their aesthetic design. Our cabinetry may be simple but making a simple design look good requires a lot of attention to detail, and we are very invested in the details. Our approach, combining computer-aided design and precise fabrication with hand finishing, means that we can continue to operate with a small team while maintaining a high level ...
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About Us

We are designers, makers, project managers and problems solvers who believe that intelligent design and thoughtful fabrication can result in a more beautiful and better functioning world. Boxco Studio was born out of a devotion to making things, a passion for creative design, and a love of kitchens. We want to help you create a space to make all your ...

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