williamsburg ma calm green kitchen with burgundy rug modern plywood cabinets and mcm kitchen design

Williamsburg Tree House

Williamsburg, MA

Tucked away near downtown Williamsburg, MA, you’ll find a kitchen that goes beyond the ordinary – a green haven crafted from high quality plywood and Medex. The rich, earthy tones of our “Basil” Osmo Wood Wax finish and the concrete counters by Hill Street Concrete Designs infuse the kitchen with a sense of serenity, blending seamlessly with the forested view through the large windows. In close collaboration with NOVA Design Studios, we transformed a blank canvas into a culinary sanctuary. The kitchen anchors a large open living space that was created during the complete gut remodel of this long-time family home, and creates beautiful views from all angles. This design stands as a testament to the marriage of functionality and aesthetics. 

Beyond the kitchen, our commitment to seamless design continues with custom shelving, storage, a bathroom vanity, and an entranceway, ensuring every inch of the space is full of purpose and personality. This project showcases the beauty that emerges when craftsmanship and collaboration converge.