Blue kitchen using Medex and maple Europly acorn deck house mcm modern kitchen green waxed plywood cabinets light blonde wood plywood cabinets

Acorn Deck House

Concord, MA

Welcome to the heart of a mid-century modern deck house in Concord, MA, where this kitchen stands as a testament to the power of timeless design. Our clients, Carolyn and Johnny, chose Medex for their cabinet fronts and paneling, a material known for its durability, smooth finish and soft, visual texture. Finishing the surfaces with our custom “Indigo” wood wax resulted in a rich hue that beautifully compliments the warmth of the existing architecture and elevates this colorful – yet elegant – culinary space. 

To provide visual contrast and soften the transition between the magnificent wood ceiling and new materials, we strategically grounded the kitchen island with open shelving built from maple Europly. The cabinet pulls are powder coated with a custom color to match the cabinetry for a modern monochrome look. The white Cafe appliances and concrete countertop keep the space light and bright, and the Palm Springs-inspired tile backsplash adds a pop of classic mid-century design.

We loved working with the Boxco team. They helped renovate our whole kitchen in a 1970s Deck house, as well as 2 bathroom vanities, pantry closet shelving, and a custom bar. They had great ideas at the design stage, and guided us toward materials and hardware that weren’t initially on our radar but that we love. Working with them was easy and installation was efficient. We’re thrilled with the outcome - functional and beautiful, clean design. Highly recommend working with their team!

Carolyn and Johnny