modern kitchen renovation fireplace with wrap around cabinetry rustic kitchen remodel with modern green plywood kitchen cabinets on bottom and original historic wood upper cabinets in Shelburne, MA

Hilltop Cabin Kitchen

Shelburne, MA

This cozy, colorful kitchen was a result of a close collaborative process with the client. Right away, she was clear about the fact that she wanted this kitchen to be unique, and that she wanted to keep some of kitchen’s history intact. We chose a colorful palette of our custom “Basil” Osmo wood-wax over plywood, and dark blue Fenix laminate countertops, and left the lovely chestnut upper cabinets intact. The layout, however, was completely updated. We moved the refrigerator into an interior wall, which allowed us to add another countertop wrapping the stone fireplace. With a ton more storage and more than double the work space, this modern kitchen renovation transformed this cabin into a unique, comfortable, functional home.