Montague Homestead

We installed this kitchen into a light filled 1970s contemporary house in Montague, MA. The clients were somewhat wary of modern kitchen cabinetry, their existing kitchen – original to the house – was glossy and soulless. However, modern cabinets fit the style of their house, and I was confident that we could design a beautiful…

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Lowell Loft Kitchen

Lowell loft kitchen by Boxco Studio

This was the kitchen that started our love of plywood cabinetry. A gut loft remodel done on a shoe-string budget, we decided to use all materials that could be sourced from our local hardware store. Our attention to detail – matching wood grain on the cabinet fronts, cutting angled subway tiles to finish the front…

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Trumansburg Kitchen

Zac and Jasmine had been living in their house for 10 years, and had spent a lot of that time lovingly renovating it from top to bottom. The last big project they were looking to tackle was the kitchen. Zac, a landscape architect and serious handyman, knew exactly what he wanted and sent us drawings…

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Birch Street Bungalow Kitchen

Birch Street Bungalow kitchen cabinets by Boxco Studio

The Birch Street Bungalow was a beautiful little house in need of love and care. Bungalows are characterized by big windows and high ceilings, which the clients – Hasso and Bob – fell in love with. However, they were hoping to modernize the floor plan, which was divided into a bunch of tiny rooms. As…

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Russell Street Kitchen

Xylor and EE got in touch with us because they were tired of their small, dark, cramped kitchen and were wondering how to reconfigure their space into something that felt generous and calm. We settled on a plan to take down a wall and open up the little U-shaped kitchen, add a huge island and…

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