Claire labels parts cut on the CNC router

Our Approach

We are as excited about the function and performance of our products and spaces as we are in their aesthetic design. Our cabinetry may be simple but making a simple design look good requires a lot of attention to detail, and we are very invested in the details.

plywood under cooktop drawers

Our approach, combining computer-aided design and precise fabrication with hand finishing, means that we can continue to operate with a small team while maintaining a high level of quality, customization and beauty. 


We believe in using the best materials in an honest way. Our cabinetry is built with premium veneer-core plywood, high quality Blum hardware and hardwood pull-outs and inserts. We don’t use decorative moldings or edge-banding, which means that these materials get to take center stage. 


We refer to our style as joyful minimalism. We design and build simple, refined interiors that are warm, inspiring and a joy to use. We are always happy to geek out over the details of your project, big or small. From choosing the exact right shade of green for your cabinet fronts, to finding your dream dishwasher, we are excited to help design any aspect of your project. 


Working to figure out innovative ways to make our product and process more sustainable is very important to us. We use formaldehyde-free plywood from sustainably managed forests for our products. We work hard to reduce waste in our shop, using computer-aided design to be as efficient as possible when cutting out parts for our cabinets and furniture. And we endeavor to create a really high quality product, one that will last for a very long time. We are taking the problem of waste in the building industry head on, and are dedicated to continuous improvement in this area. 


Lastly, we have set out to build a business that supports our quality of life, while helping to improve yours. We are dedicated to creating a happy, healthy workplace, and try to apply the same level of design thinking and attention to detail to crafting our business as we do to building kitchens.